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" In my practice, my interest lies in to bring together different ways of applying the color to the surface, the controlled

and the uncontrolled.

As for motifs, it's more about making the work alien and irrational than explanatory"

Peter wallström

"Peter Wallström's paintings borrow the fusions, disturbances and reversals of the dream world.

The images are more stage designs than landscapes, more simulations than facts. Much like the dreamer

can experience a sense of deja vu, the paintings evoke an experience of confusion. Segment

seem to float up from past experiences, memories or things that almost passed you by. In Wallström's

images are reflections of both personal memories and pieces from our collective

consciousness. Fragments from art history are mixed with pop cultural elements and own experiences.

The images are composed as uniform landscapes but are in fact cut together from different ones

segments, similar to the flow of images of the film or dream.

This area of perceptions that seamlessly slide into each other has been explored in literature and

mass culture. Films such as Vanilla Sky or The Truman Show depict in different ways how reality appears

composed of images and shams. At Wallström, the canvas is used as a field with different parts

are connected. The elements of the images distribute themselves like backdrops, but never leave the viewer alone

unaware of the medium's zero point: the raw canvas that constantly looks forward and sometimes takes

the upper hand."

Curator Emil Nilsson

Solo exhibitions (selected)


2022 Gallery PS Göteborg (se)

2021 "The Mermaid and The Outer Point of No Return"

at Signal - Center for Contemporary Art, Malmö (se)

(with Ami Bergman)

2019 Galleri Ping Pong ”Ten Seconds of Forever” Malmö (se)

2019 Åstorps Konsthall Åstorp (se)

2016 GalleryThomas Wallner Simris (se)

2016 Hässleholms Kulturhus Hässleholm

2016 Gallery Moment Ängelholm (se)

2013 Krognoshuset ”Other Scenes” Lund (se)

2010 GalleryRostrum ”Rapid Eye Movement” Malmö (se)



Group exhibitions (selected)


Gallery Molekyl Malmö (se)

Painters´ Salon 2022

2022 Gallery CC Malmö (se)

Flat Octopus at Molekyl Gallery

2022 Inblickar/Insights Moderna Museet Stockholm(se)

2020 ”På annan plats” (”Elsewhere”) Ystad Konstmuseum, Ystad (se)

2018 ”Polyfoni” Gallery Thomas Wallner Simris(se)

2016 Wadström Tönnheim Gallery Skanör (se)

2015 ”Polyfoni” Gallery Thomas Wallner Simris (se)




Peter Wallström



Book illustrations (selected)


2002 Coolboy (Cover) Sahlgrens förlag ab, Finland

2000 Aloysius, den röda katten, Natur och Kultur/ LTs förlag

1998 Vårt hus på Irland, Förlags AB Gondolin

1993 De fyras gäng,  B&T Förlag AB

1993 Vi på Jorden, Förlags AB Wiken




The Cultural Administration Region Stockholm (se)

Moderna Museet Stockholm (se) 

The State Council for the Arts (se)

Åstorps Kommun (se)

Region Skåne (se)

Hässleholms Municipality (se)

Ängelhoms Municipality (se)

Malmöhus County (se)

Arboga Municipality (se)


Awards   (selected)


2022 Sveriges Bildkonstnärsfond arbetsstipendium (The Arts Grants Committee)

2019 Malmö Museers stipendium (scholarship)

2017 Lengertz kulturpris  (Culture prize)

2006 Sveriges Bildkonstnärsfond  arbetsstipendium (The Arts Grants Committee)

2002 Sveriges Bildkonstnärsfond arbetsstipendium (The Arts Grants Committee)

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